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I stand for purpose based business & effective marketing in alignment with the unique DNA of an organisation.

  • Brandcompass: the blueprint of your brand.
  • Marketing/Contentstrategy: roadmap to success.
  • Ideal positioning in your market: where do you belong?
  • Alignment of the entire organisation with your brand.
  • Development of purpose-driven marketing campaigns.
  • Unique connective content aligned with your brand.
  • Smart insights on how to grow your business to the next level.
  • Consultancy on marketing and brand related challenges
 Aligned | Dedicated  | Connective | Open | Impactful
I want alignment and growth


The Brandcompass is an extensive blueprint of your organisation's identity. It's an invaluable tool for charting a course to your brand’s success. It’s a distillation of critical insights gleaned from the brand research and positioning process. It is the wellspring of brand authenticity, comprising the core insights behind the decisions of every truly authentic brand. In short, a brand compass comprehensively represents both where your brand is going and why it’s going there.


A clear strategy creates clarity and focus on how to achieve your goals. Our contentstrategy is a logical follow up to the brandcompass. It has all the important topics mentioned, which helps you reach your audience in an impactful way. The content strategy we develop is always aligned with your organisational goals to ensure optimal alignment.

Visual Identity

What's a brandconcept without the visual interpretation of it? We design your logo, housestyle and visual identity after creating the brandcompass. Need banners, social squares, campaign concepts? All of our designs are aligned with your brand and goals.


We develop impact-first marketingcampaigns aimed which help you achieve your unique mission and vision.


Your content is an expression of your brand and the right way to get your message out to the world. With the right content you know how to reach and connect with customers and other enthousiasts. 

We see content as a way of creating meaninful connections and to show yourself to the world. Content which is in alignment with your brandpersonality, you will know how to attract your audience in a meaningful way.

We either create text, video or visuals.


You rather do it yourself? No problem! We love to empower businesses in becoming selfsufficient. That's why we provide workshops on:

  • Branding - how to create a strong brand with the brandcompass.
  • Know your audience.
  • How to write an effective strategy.
  • How to write inspiring content.
  • How to align your entire business with your DNA.


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In 30 minutes we will discuss where you are standing now, where you want to go, what problems you are facing and if we are a match. 

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Jessica van Horssen