It's my mission to bring soul (back) into business. I translate the essence or DNA of organisations, into a strong brand with an effective strategy. 

I believe that way too much money is spent in expensive agencies who are writing too much content and too many campaigns withoug a clear and effective purpose. 

We also call that: Fluff. I want marketing and branding to be about something substantial. I want that all of your marketing and sales efforts are in alignment with your WHY and not just only for the money.

So, let's bring a paradigm shift. I stand for purpose based business and effective marketing with strong roots in the brandessence of a company.

So what do I do exactly?

I come into your organisation and help you with branding and marketing related issues.

strategize culture into tangible goals by starting with why and ending with how. I use the Brandcompass as a startingpoint and create any strategy in alignment with The Brandcompass.

I create a strong brand for companies and teach and coach how to maintain and sustain it throughout the whole company. I give teams the tools and knowhow to create their own aligned marketing campaigns and content.

I create the brand, the strategy, the concepts and templates from where companies can start to execute marketing campaigns and practices with our help. You need execution? I am surrounded by highly creative and effective freelancers who truly want to make an impact with their work.

I empower and coach companies, entrepreneurs, marketeers & sales-teams by teaching the fundamentals of branding, marketing and sales so companies can become self sufficient in their practices.

I believe strongly in purpose based business and impact first. Every company has a soul or a unique DNA, just as an actual person. I help you bring out the soul and use this consciously to position companies in the way that will bring them to accomplish their mission and vision.

Companies can grow sustainably and exponentially when they make a real impact on the lives of their customers and the world around them. We help them to become visible by using branding, content and visual communication.


  • Alignment

  • Growth

  • Honest

  • Impactful

  • Open

Alignment is the core in everything I do. We align ourselves with our mission and vision by helping our clients do the same. This will create growth and a true impact in the way companies do business. 

I am super honest and will tell you when something is not right. I rather be honest than liked and I do it all because I truly want to see you succeed in your goals. 

I'm highly creative and intuitive and can connect easily with any target audience because of my openness to learn and to receive all the information needed for the research. I have experienced that my openness leads to a better understanding of anyone I work with.

Last but not least: I want to make a true impact in this world. I don't like to waste your time and my time. I want to do things that actually work and are sustainable for the future. That's why I prefer to take a little more time, so we get it right from the start.