Our story

Why is identity so important to me?

This is actually a very personal story. I did not have the safe childhood I could wish for. In harsh conditions I was forced to sell myself out in many ways to ensure my survival. Around age 15 I did not know who I was anymore. I went on a long quest of finding myself. Maybe even creating myself! It was a beautiful road of travels, many jobs, meeting many people and most of all: meeting myself. When I aligned with my true identity, all the rest just seemed to flow. The right people came to me, I landed jobs, found new places to live and going through life in this way just felt so easy. Its as if things were happening for me instead of to me.

I quickly learnt I could do the same for businesses. While studying business and entrepreneurship I was working as a copywriter for many different companies. I usually missed a strong connection to the brand or even the DNA of the business. Most marketeers did not seem to care about it. Everyone just wants fast results. But how much of those results are truly sustainable? How many of those new clients you get, are actually a joy to work with? How much of it is aligned with fulfilling the purpose of your business? I know I saw lots of frustrated business owners around me, not happy with the clients they worked with or unable to attract new business into their lives.

So I started applying what I had learnt in school and what I learnt in life with great success. The companies I did align showed exponential growth in the months after implying my strategies and advices. And this is how Catalyst was born. Out of my story, my talent and my mission to align people and businesses with their true self. For me its clear. Businesses have a personality too and I help you bring it out in a way that will attract your ideal clients, that will bring you growth that is sustainable and get you in touch with the right people to work for or with you.

When your business is aligned with its true identity, all the rest will flow. You will see it for yourself!

In the meanwhile, check out some testimonials or drop me a line! Love to know what you and your business are all about!