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Our clients


Homerun by ING

For Homerun we made the brandcompass, designed the contentstrategy and are responsible for the contentmanagement and execution of the entire marketingstrategy. Within three months we have succeeded in getting over 16k new visitors to the website, through the blog.

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For Hulc we have developed an entire rebrand after research on brandarchitecture.

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Red Panda

For Red Panda, former Hulc & Contany we have designed and researched the ideal brandarchitecture and brandidentity.

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We have created The Brandcompass and a manifest for Quli, so they could align internally before they would upscale their marketing efforts.

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For I-hub we created unique articles and blog in alignment with their mission, vision and tone of voice.

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For Schooljudo we have developed The Brandcompass and the strategy for repositioning. We also developed the contentstrategy and cornerstone content for both website and social channels. We designed the leadscore framework for Active Campaign and produced a marketingdashboard. We aligned the entire team with the brandidentity so everyone was on the same page, working towards company goals.

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We have created The Brandcompass for Teamshape.

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Bright 8

We created The Brandcompass for bright8.

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Het Stadsparadijs

Het Stadsparadijs was a startup which just opened their doors. Together with the two owners we have: - Designed the brandidentity. - Rolled out the sales and marketingstrategy. - Wrote content for both the website and the social channels.

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We have produced many different types of Content for many different types of clients of Copyrobin. Such as: cornerstone content, whitepapers, articles, blogs, ebooks etc.

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Blauwe monsters

We wrote many SEO-Blogs for Blauwe Monsters and their clients.

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