I always, always, always start with the brandcompass! For alignment is the foundation of everything what we do. There is no way to get your marketing completely right before we have clarity on your brandidentity. This also ensures all the following steps (strategy, creation), are aligned with the unique DNA of your company.

In the next step we will work together with your existing marketing and sales team to make sure the brand will be caried out throughout the entire organisation. Not only by creating content, strategy and campaigns, but also by aligning everyone and all business processes with your DNA. 

Beforehand we will determine together with you what exactly is needed in a strategy call. I engage my clients every step of the way, so that we know we get it right and to ensure the entire team is onboard.


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In 30 minutes we will discuss where you are standing now, where you want to go, what problems you are facing and if we are a match. 

See you soon!

Jessica van Horssen